Optimizing Waste Streams

Waste Optimization

We assist local organizations and community event organizers with optimizing their waste streams. This means we find simple ways to adjust the methods in which they dispose of their waste to increase recycling efforts.

As an easy way to encourage community members to participate in our sustainable ventures, we launched our aluminum can-paign in the Fall of 2018. For the past year, we Giveadaam’ers have been collaborating with community members, local organizations, and community event organizers to encourage all to donate their aluminum cans to our venture.

Since launching our can-paign, we have prevented over 1,123 pounds of aluminum, which is approximately 35,922 cans, from entering the landfill.

Tab Grabbing

Once we collect the aluminum cans, us Giveadaam'ers unite to tab grab for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Wisconsin (RMHC). Their Pop Tab program is important because it provides extra revenue for their organization that can help make up for the donations that families cannot make.

We have partnered up with UW-Green Bay's Alpha Zeta Phi fraternity to assist with our tab grabbing.

Since launching our can-paign, we have grabbed over 35,922 tabs. According to the RMHC, approximately 1,128 tabs equals 1 pound of aluminum. Daam.

Aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials.

Buried under layers of soil in landfills throughout the United States are millions of pounds of aluminum cans. We see this as an opportunity to not only preserve resources, but to do a little fundraising for our sustainable endeavors.


Daam Aluminum Can-paign

Giving Back

When we began our can-paign as a small fundraising opportunity, we thought to ourselves how we could use this to give back to our community.

Since we are simultaneously working on introducing new homes into our community, we decided we wanted to donate half of our recycling proceeds to those who do not have homes at all.

Since launching our can-paign, we have donated over $168.00 to St. John's Homeless Shelter (SJHS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. According to SJHS, $35.00 provides one night of shelter for an individual.

You can donate your aluminum cans to our Giveadaam Can-paign at these locations, just tell them Giveadaam Ventures sent you!

As a thank you for making it to the bottom of this page, here's a message from our Eco Elf about why you should recycle.